We’re Changing Things For the Better

At Simpson Scouting, the goal is to be very straight-forward with the requirements necessary to play ball at the collegiate level. Over the past seven years, all of our business has been conducted on the fields and in homes, using Facebook along with references from clients. We’ve been out there watching and learning and that will continue, but less often than previously because so much more can be accomplished using technology. In essence, that time was used to better devise a plan to benefit today’s playing market. The goal for parents and players should be to understand the right level of exposure in the playing market and good choices made objectively. We’ve seen so much change over time and today we’re here to offer specialized inexpensive offerings. We know far too much to not share what three generations of athletes in college have taught us.

We know what coaches need and know who fits a specific playing profile. That’s what recruiting is and if we take a good ten steps back, we’ll all agree that there’s never been more valuable than when it’s honest, objective, and doesn’t come from a contractually obligated recruiting service!

Being good is up to your player. Being found is up to you and direct marketing via social marketing and your advice along the way comes from experience, not a paid-for seminar! But, STOP! We don’t suggest you cannot go this road alone, that’s up to you and we provide a portal for FREE for do-it-yourselfers. Just, get after it! If you need a second opinion, a lifetime cost of $100 won’t break the travel-ball bank.

You see, we’re directed by the game’s evolution and we’re also attempting to change the way things are being done daily so the cost doesn’t become a big factor in being found or not. And, highly consider good advice and recognize over a former college player or another 25-year-old who’d job hunting! Remember that advice is easy to come by, good advice is not. Our experience with over 300 high school athletes since 2013 is what we’re here to offer. We have stories to tell and their value is greater because unfortunate things do happen and you need to know of them. Any solution makes more sense when you know what to avoid! Knowing, where a player’s ability, smarts, and maturity can take them, is where you start. Those who understand that best proceed in a much more productive and cost-conscious way. It’s very simple and all costs should be a return on investment.

Ultimately, Simpson Scouting is an old-style network of putting capable players in front of college coaches who otherwise may never cross paths with that perfect prospect they never came to know was available. This continues to happen. A college recruiter’s job isn’t easy by the way, especially in today’s PANDEMIC CLIMATE! For families who go it alone, learning things over the years is costly and showcases aren’t so much truly showcases any longer. The sport is capitalizing on what you believe is a necessity. Don’t kill the messenger, please! You need to learn how to showcase and camp too; without stressing out the entire family through the years. What begins as fun times can become a bumpy road over time and listening can provide a smoother ride.

Our views are only based on what we’ve seen since 2004 when I started helping players for free. Please recognize that the business of working with college coaches live and having seen how things happen on “this side” remains a covert operation where business, playing well and a positive contribution drives all decisions. If you’re going to do this… then connect yourself to every part of what’s ahead and together we, college coaches, players, and their families, will all arrive at what’s best for everyone. I guarantee you certain things and…THEY ARE IMPORTANT! – Jim Simpson Founder