Almost Heaven Team Camps

Incredibly excited to announce something brand new to teams and players in need of recruiting help!

We’re pleased to offer the future of recruiting help! It’s an extremely inexpensive package in a bed and breakfast setting! This three-day stay is for families, players and coaches who need to understand more about the recruiting journey ahead. We’ll help everyone know how they match up with what we’ve seen nationally and over the many years of helping players beginning back in 2004. Our goal is to help you set realistic options based on each players current skill level. We’ll help them sensibly work towards the next-level understanding what metrics they’ll need to achieve to get them there.

Personal Skill Level Assessment

All players in attendance will receive their personal skill level assessment (a potential division level grade if you will) providing parents and their athlete a personal starting point and road map as they continue on their softball journey. They’ll also have a ton of fun hanging out with teammates, other player attendees, listening to music, swimming, playing games and preparing meals (all included) for each other too!

Why Come to Camp

A long time ago, we noticed that not nearly enough team bonding was happening outside of “playing the game” during tournament play. It’s always been clear that the best teams, the ones with players who support each other off the field perform better on the field when the game demands they stand together. Good teammates create successful programs at every level! Smart girls, learn by listening and they simply do better achieving their goals along their own personal journey when they come to respect teamwork. Next-level success will demand teamwork!

We think over three days’ time all campers will be given enough time to open up about their college dreams in order to better consider their futures by speaking with us. So, how about learning a little, while hanging out and relaxing a bit between chosen structured events too!

Players who learn to be team advocates make the best team leaders and their attitudes usually set, follow, and create a program standard.

Who Should Come to Camp


So, we’re looking for teams and individuals aged 10u and up who’d like to have a team-bonding experience like no other! The goal is to push out this first offering fall of 2019 as “intro camps” and see how it’s received by the playing public. We’d like for any teams and groups of players interested to consider learning a lot about what’s ahead for all of them individually and as a team. All attendees simply won’t forget the experience!

This enjoyable stay is meant to add in a ton of fun often missed when primarily focused on playing. Everyone will stay together at “the farm” and we can accommodate up to sixty total players, coaches, and/or team chaperones. We are also offering parents an opportunity to join us too in a bed and breakfast setting.
Most everyone has recently held tryouts for the years’ new team and we’re hoping you’ll bring them together to spend some real-time getting to know each other this fall.


If your team would like to attend and you’d prefer to use the time to practice you can call us to schedule fields doing what you’d prefer to do as a team while attending. You DO NOT need to opt into any of the camp offerings offered on your weekend. It’s totally up to you. Bring your family members too for just $75 each!


Travel ball these days is a family sport! Our camp offering will include plenty of activities for parents to take in as well! See the map below for some of the local attractions you can enjoy (for an additional fee) while your player is at camp or off to their scheduled events.

What’s Included

Get to know your new team over three days. You’ll get all meals included (six in total per paying attendee; parents & siblings) with team activities to choose from. We’ll offer 3rd-party professionals to take you through a canopy zip line, rock-climbing, caving as your elected half-day camp option. Additional instruction (ie: hitting instruction for an additional $75 TBD on specific dates) will also be available. Waivers will be required by all players and family attendees staying at the farm. It’ll be a full schedule with fun time included as mandatory! Once you come here YOU WILL COME AGAIN!


map of area surrounding Almost Heaven Softball Camp

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About the Venue

This is a family farm (owned for 50+ years) and they’ll be there for that hometown feel. Just bring your respectful self and act like the good players, students, and families we know you are. We hope you’re prepared for a good time with a lot of information you can use as you continue your playing journey. Register for your stay date today!

Contact Us

For questions call us to discuss at 540-935-1617 or by emailing [email protected]

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