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Simpson Scouting is recruiting representation for college-level HS athletes countrywide. We present you quicker and faster than you can do yourself, at the right time. based on academics and ability. We offer only a few inexpensive ways to gain personal help from us while saving you some hard-earned dollars. These days it’s expensive to play travel sports and it SHOULD NOT be expensive to have advice along the way.

We’ve already had three generations of athletes in our family and have had associations with all of their teammates and teammates’ families along the way. What we’ve seen and learn is good information and advice we only hope you’ll consider.

Our offerings:

  • UniTrak – Our FREE WEB PORTAL for your player
  • ProfileTrak – A one-time cost of $100 providing help via phone, email, texting, DM, or any other social app. Reach out anytime
  • Personal Email Campaigns – multiple campaigns done on your behalf and directed geographically, academically, and level-of-play. We’ll return your open list and discuss what’s next. $200
  • VideoTrak – for locals in the Virginia, Maryland, West Virginia, DC, PA marketplace. $150 each; 3 players minimum to cover travel, editing, and shooting
  • CollegeTrak – All of the above in one. (local market applies) $450 Verification AFTER enrollment is necessary. To be marketed you must be verified by our staff. What’s good?
  • Low-cost help; more higher-level players
  • College coaches can find objectively identified prospects
  • Playing in college is UP TO YOU! College coaches are tasked with finding you too. Let us connect you personally relate to the coaches who are interested.

Questions? Call or email to discuss any of the services indicated above. See our contact information below or use the “Get InTouch” box on the lower right side of this page.

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540-878-5334 (Office)

202-494-7917 (Cell/Text)

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