With the dead period FINALLY being LIFTED beginning June 1st, 2021 you’ll really need to move quickly and we can help!

The process will suddenly go into overdrive as normalcy will mean the opportunity for coaches to watch in person, on campus, and all facets of being found will go into light speed! The decision time is shorter now and if you’re a ’22 so far you’ve been missed the most. We to must find good players ASAP and together we’ll drive the cost of being found down, add quality to our player database and help college coaches SEE good athletes (with approved video) quickly!

Take a look at WHAT WE OFFER.

The following are specifically needed.

  1. To get your players’ information out through the use of our advocacy program which already has college coaches asking us for players. Started in ’04 helping players.
  2. A web platform and an information source that allows you to directly ask for a process to follow based entirely on what your unique player needs. Call us anytime at 540-878-5334.
  3. So many are told to go camping and that’s only partly correct. Specifically, go to camps where your verified athletes can best succeed. Camps are expensive and we’d like to help you make the right choices.
  4. How many programs can you reach out to between now and June 1st? We’ll direct you but ONLY IF YOU HAVE A GOOD VIDEO TO SHOW YOUR ABILITY!


What’s good about what we’ll do?

  1. We’ve watched players since 2004 and we’re better able to objectively have you succeed at the next level. 
  2. Procrastination has always been a problem. Players can do what they’d like they just don’t seem to actually do it NEARLY at the level required to be considered. 
  3. We know talent when we see it and we aren’t sending out video information on ALL the PLAYERS who join our site.
  4. Note: 100% VERIFIED means exactly what it sounds like. We must see you play to share your information. We won’t waste coaches’ time like every other service for hire.
  5. It’s only $100 to be included each month in our campaign that goes out to over 2000 college softball coaches based on the level of play shown in your video. Yes, coaches need good video!
  6. Coaches we’ve spoken to say that video that’s been vetted by our staff HELPS THEM CONSIDERABLY! How do we know? We’ve polled the nation’s programs and asked that’s how!


If you need further help take a look below.

  1. We have additional services if you’d like to know more or simply need more. We won’t push to sell you though. This is all set up as an a la carte offering to keep your costs down. 
  2. YOU CAN DO IT YOURSELF and we’ll tell you how to go about it.
  3. If you’re local we’ll do a video shoot for $150 if you need it. (Applies to local players in Maryland, Virginia, Pa., WV, and North Carolina – call for specifics).
  4. We will create specific campaigns on your behalf that go out entirely on their own if you wish. We use your “approved video”. That cost is $300.
  5. For local players, all in to include a one-time video shoot is $450. For further out, you provide the video and the cost is $300. 

The goal is to get a lot for a little and we’re using the power of large numbers to help us SEE MORE PLAYERS and in this way help you to be found for less while helping college coaches see far more truly “verified” athletes than they’ll ever have the time or money to see. 

Again, no one is doing this out there and we hope you’ll agree that it makes great sense! Collectively EVERYONE GAINS if we pool our resources in this way.

Please take a look at our SIGN UP PAGE HERE and call or write us with questions. We can be reached at 540-878-5334 or by email at [email protected] Check out the following pages too!





Thanks! We look forward to speaking with you about how to inexpensively get your athlete in front of programs. Good luck to all of you who are now able to jump back into playing high school ball too!