A Softball Database for Everyone

We’ve been in the recruiting world since 2004 but for the purposes of this post, softball since 2013. Several things are obvious.


  • Travel softball is incredibly expensive for families. So, how do you get good information and what do you do to be noticed?
  • If you’re sourcing info through people you know or one of the many different “services” or “recruiters” you may be concerned with high-priced solutions with multi-tiered payouts. They’re local agents with an upline, just like insurance companies! If you know someone, just recognize that players are unique and one size does not fit all.
  • It’s agreed, however, that families do need advocacy as where you’re headed is likely a first-time journey.
  • And, generally speaking, college coaches aren’t always happy to listen to these recruiters and say so often. Furthermore, as non-salaried workers, scouting isn’t easy and talent is often sacrificed for a paycheck. They’ll say it isn’t so!

It’s a vicious cycle that justly wears on the few good scouts too. Yes, there are some out there!

We’re Doing Things Differently

  • We’re ONLY looking for the best players nationwide and we’ve found a way to gain college coaches’ attention while providing the advocacy you need, and you can choose to do so, for $100. It’s a one-time payment…not per year! It’s crazily affordable. Call us to understand -> 540.878.5334. Email us too!
  • We verify players as true college prospects using good video. Additionally, others are watched locally playing as tough as that is to do these days! Yet, monthly, our verified players are then marketed to college coaches based on their levels of play, grades, and the intangibles that we come to understand over the phone.
  • Coaches are able to view these “vetted players” which saves them time and expense while allowing them to see more of the country’s available prospects. They choose from a larger resource what to do next.
  • Know, that we’re NOT MARKETING PLAYERS who do not show the necessary play level. You can’t buy verification, but you can still be a part of the database!
  • More importantly, being marketed is FREE! Yes, you can be on our pages for $0. Just need to keep them updated so we can source your info and provide relevant data. If you don’t keep your page up we’ll warn you then take you down!
  • I think it makes sense that if we pool the resources of every level of player and charge very little to offer a lot – good things happen.
    1. The cost goes way down. We pool a larger group who pays us a little and they help support our back end, website, technical help, food, and gas money! We’re not in this for the money!! Our kids, all athletes, have all graduated college!
    2. College coaches respect how we do things and because the cost is so low maybe, just maybe good families can also join and have their players gain a market advantage too, without having to pay the associated travel cost!

Better players make for a better database and attention to it grows over time.

We Hope You’ll Consider This Offering!

We sent out our FIRST monthly list of players several days ago and a third of the 2300+ coaches in our database went to the site and viewed players.

They can contact each of you as they choose to right from our pages too! They can text or email you in an instant. Hope you’ll take the time to consider any negatives! Call or email if you’d like and know that the resource is built for the modern-day softball market! Good luck!