Easy Navigation of the Recruiting Process

At Simpson’s Scouting, we’ll help you navigate your player’s recruiting process so that the money-driven marketplace doesn’t have you chasing what you’re told or believe is best minus the value. The basic premise is that true prospects are sought-after and being initially reviewed by coaches will have them showing to watch you play.  They need to know who you are first! Also, understand that playing in a “national championship showcase” these days doesn’t mean anyone will actually watch you at all. There are more events than ever today…but the numbers of college coaches with a budget hasn’t grown in order to keep up. You don’t see new colleges with athletic programs popping up all over the country, do you? Our job is to put your player in a searchable pool that’s already been given an evaluative look by our staff. So, we’re helping coaches find you by evaluating and indicating a value they can search on.

If you begin your college search with Simpson Scouting, your player will be found WHEN they’re able to play at the next level. So, getting better over time is good while you have time on your side. Yes, you’ll need to work to earn it! And, if your player never gets there she’s given it her best shot. We think too many believe they can play in college and it may be helpful for parents to understand playing levels sooner than later. Again, this should be about preparing for what’s ahead…academically and athletically. Yes, it’s exciting to be involved starting out but that excitement fills your head with questions once the “college chatter” discussions begin. So, be better prepared or be swallowed by doubt around what to do. Just play, have fun, enjoy the game and ask questions from folks you can count on along the way. Communication is the key. Honesty is still the best quality. Having paid very little provides a completely objective review of your prospect. Coaches love our relationship with the players on our site!

  • Know what’s going on
  • Choose the right teams and level to gain valuable reps overexposure
  • Make your moves based on today’s market…the good and the bad
  • Take the right steps daily seeking what fits academically and athletically
  • Remember that patience is a form of action!
  • If you require personal advice, upgrade for $100 to ProfileTrak and reach out via email, text, or phone call!