Here’s the short and sweet of it. See what’s accurately on her horizon.

The best athletes have God-given talent and the rest have God-given desires [all with differing levels of diligence, knowledgeable support and parental involvement (good & bad!)] but single-handedly everyone must find their way in a playing market that’s deficient when it comes to doing what’s right for each and every player. You must sort that out.

In every case, specific guidance pays you back way better in terms of a life reward gained through a well thought out academic career with an applied education. Throw in athletics and it’s gonna get messy.

We can agree that God-given talent does NOT guarantee a playing career or life success either. The best prep players aren’t always successful at the next level – as the recent collegiate transfer rage suggests. So, maybe learning over time (@ the travel-ball level) hinders the end goal? For the players raised under our roof, it was best to know how to navigate things early on to better prepare for what would serve “us” best.

These days when D1’s don’t clamor after 9/1 of her junior year…you’ll learn some things won’t you? So more than anything…the new rules are good but the knowledge shows itself up much LATER than ever.

Think about getting back to basics in ‘19. Recognize that there are parents of former players who can help! The travel-ball process you’re involved in does NOT completely satisfy what you need to know in the time you need to know it. But yes…you STILL MUST PLAY! How ‘bout playing the game affordably though.

The expense most pay to play is far greater when you do what’s mostly good for a team while less than strategic for your daughter. Anyone out there doing this? What’s good for some just isn’t necessarily good for everyone. The result = team hopping and a watered-down market creating a greater distribution of players playing everywhere on weekends!

Those of you who suggest outside help isn’t required simply haven’t spoken to the right outside help yet. If you’d like to gain years’ worth of knowledge in 20 minutes (for free) …give me a call. If you come on board with us and don’t plan on communicating over time than find another service. The bad will gladly “sign you up”! And btw, they’re the ones college coaches suggest to pass on because they “don’t use them”.

Here’s my personal opinion too…if it costs more than $1,000 (total cost over her prep years for any help you spend on) you’d better be getting a personal adviser whenever you need it and video that’s included. – Jim