About Simpson Scouting

Simpson Scouting was originally formed in 2004 as “CollegeTrak”. It’s really based on a few things the company has learned over 40 years of players’ recruitment starting with the owner. Jim found it urgent during his own recruiting and wanted other family’s to be able to take their best shot at education while playing ball in college. Recruiting is still basically simple and straight-forward and the company just isn’t interested in layers of scouting staff that only increases expenses that are passed on to client/prospects in the end. Here we do things old-fashioned, using technology and will always stay focused on keeping our business expenses to a minimum. As of July 2018 we’ve helped 225+ athletes consider college as a playing option after high-school. Here is the owner’s short summary of how and why Simpson Scouting was formed.

Jim Simpson had a vision to help athletes starting way back in 2004. He’d been a three-sport HS All-State athlete who went through the process alone, trusting it to end up like everyone envisions it will. But, “there was far more to it than I’d ever imagined”. After college he married Suzanne and became parents to daughter Caroline and two sports-minded sons. He wanted to make certain his own understood better what was ahead of them if they intended to play in college one day. So, the mission began as a “daddy” coach of both youth basketball and travel soccer teams locally. Their boys chose soccer, yes a foreign game, but what did Jim & Suzanne care as long as they enjoyed it! And, what did they know about soccer…well nothing quite frankly! Jim very quickly sought out technical expertise to do the teams’ early skills coaching and things simply blossomed from there. Jim always looked for experts, because business taught him that mistakes cost him more than good advice did.

As a youth, he grew up in the family’s sporting goods biz and later a restaurant too. So, Jim ended up working for himself as the entrepreneurial side of him took over. He founded a shipping company and was off for the next ten years. Now, as a father, entrepreneur and a former athlete he really wasn’t interested in others’ opinions about “how high-level teams should evolve” so yes, he more or less took over. Jim just used what he learned along the way. He accepted the team(s) recruiting director and manager position when no one really seemed to believe it was a role that was needed!

Well, 28 players on two of those teams went on to play in college. Only three of them played D3 and the rest were all D1 offered. Their oldest son Jimmy won a national championship at Virginia where he was a starter and Daniel, their youngest played 60 games in four seasons where he started 47 at JMU. He was also the 2014 CAA conference MVP where the Dukes won the CAA title and went on to their 2nd NCAA tourney. The Simpsons were fortunate to spend seven post seasons with their boys playing in their respective D1 NCAA tournaments along the way. Simply said, Jim learned things by doing them. And still, he’ll still say he was far smarter AFTER the boys’ years were completed.

In the travel world today you always have those who suggest it can always be done alone…without any help. But, getting to college and getting through college all the while staying and playing are not guaranteed. So, much is missed and again…as business suggests seeking advice saves you plenty over time. Life is easier understood through those who’ve lived it, find help in all you do. You’ll note the savings and headache avoided later. That’s why we do what we do at Simpson Scouting.

Guidance is productive, guesswork is costly. Patience is a form of action.