About Simpson Scouting

Our goal is simple. We’re using our three generations of recruited athletes to help explain and construct a path that families can be confident in. Playing in college has long been an important achievement in a young person’s life and it’s never been more competitive than it is today.

Never have athletes worked harder preparing than they do now. But, it’s tough out there and everyone’s version of success really still comes down to ability, academics, character, dedication, and execution. It’s not easy but making good decisions is important and shared knowledge along the way is probably good information.

But recruiting advice has taken a turn for the worse over the last ten years. There are sharks in the water. Money crept in and along with scare tactics, pressure, fear of failure, and an overall lack of patience the business of recruiting help turned south. The shame of it is that there IS VALUE in learning what to and what not to do. There IS VALUE in learning about the business of sport and how it might affect your son or daughter’s future.

But soon enough helping families learn and understand a process was spun as a business value that you just might not be able to do without. And, how would you know? Well, we do. We know that two things are necessary to truly help families and college coaches looking hard to find the best players first. Initially, finding a way to know about as many good players as possible and then being able to share those players honestly with college coaches who need them.

Well, we think we’ve figured how to do this. It starts with what’s most important; sharing advice for next to $0 and then making certain that playing standards are kept high prior to sharing prospects with talent that fit with college programs.

So, we hope that the playing public will appreciate that there is a need to know more but there isn’t a need to charge an arm and a leg to share that information. What help are we really if we can’t speak frankly with young people simply seeking opportunity?

Okay, this is what we’re about. We hope that you’ll check around and then give us a call. Talking is free, maybe you’ll learn a little or enough or maybe you’ll learn a ton. The goal is to have an honest conversation about helping young people get a great start in life. Just seems like the right thing to do and the right way to do it.

In these trying times, we wish everyone the best and hope you’ll give us a chance to help your son or daughter! – Jim Simpson Founder

Guidance is productive, guesswork is costly.
Patience is a form of action.
– Vince Lombardi