We’re Changing Things For the Better

At Simpson Scouting, the goal is to be very straight-forward with the requirements necessary to play ball at the collegiate level. Over the past seven years all of our business has been conducted on the fields and in homes, using Facebook along with references from clients. We’ve been out there watching and learning and that will continue, but less often than previously. In essence, that time was used to better understand the collegiate playing market but was also used to recognize how to best help a playing market and their families focus on achievement. The goal for parents and players should be to know their players and then gain the right level of exposure based on their ability. We’ve seen so much change over time and today we’re here to offer specialized inexpensive offerings in what otherwise has become a very expensive endeavor. We know what coaches need and know who fits a specific playing profile. That’s what recruiting is and if we take a good ten steps back we’ll all agree that there’s never been more value then when it’s honest, objective and doesn’t come from a contractually obligated recruiting service! Finding the best players to fill new needs each year is not a new idea, it’s just been complicated with events and almost too much information, camps and places to play. How do you know who to trust anymore? Well going forward we intend to fight what’s not so good. You’re just being overly bilked for services that many of you just don’t need even if you CAN AFFORD them! What began as a need to help our own sons back in 2004 became an ability through the necessity to help others. But since that time, and after a good number of our players have played professionally there’s new work to do. More to the point, the plan has evolved over 16+ years as of March ’20.

Working primarily in softball, as of late, you’ve probably noticed this recruiting topic has really changed a lot in the last five years too. The landscape continues to change, the result of what so many in the sport have seen as required improvements especially around recruiting timelines. But, alongside these improvements, travel-ball has still become a growing expenditure. So, at Simpson Scouting, we’re going to provide just what you need, college coaches have asked for and make it all much easier to AFFORD! Know that the solutions required for each of you is a little different player to player and most of you may have ample time to go it alone and you will. Yet still, you’re going to make mistakes as choices are made without the greater understanding of what’s ahead. For those that don’t have the time because time is money, everyone will agree that good advice is still helpful. So, now it’s just affordable and we’re happy to help!

You see, we’re very directed by the game’s evolution and we’re also attempting to change the way things are being done daily so the cost doesn’t become a big factor in being found or not. Just highly consider good advice and recognize it’s intended for your player’s success in mind. Our experience with over 300 high school athletes since 2013 is what we’re here to offer. We have stories to tell and their value is greater because unfortunate things do happen and you need to know of them. That way your solution makes targeted sense! Getting help in knowing where a players ability, smarts and maturity can take them is where you start. Those who understand that best proceed in a much more productive and cost-conscious way. It’s very simple and best to reconcile as a return on investment.

We will not become a website suggesting that the recruiting rules you don’t know will have you violating what you didn’t understand. We don’t believe in “scare tactics”. We also WON’T suggest you can’t be recruited without our help. That’s just silly to suggest when it happens all the time. We can argue that some of the criteria you learn after things are completed would have helped you do things a little differently. Just knowing a little these days still might happen to save you $5000 per year and that’s a good reason to listen. But the advice has always been something I’ve openly offered. I know people who’ve said, “Jim, they don’t need to pay for a service, they just need to listen to what you’ve related on social media!” That’s specifically true and hopefully, we’re making it easier to follow our suggestions. This begins as standard stuff and what you seek early is exposure but over time the recruiting process gets complicated. You’ve heard the stories at the fields but don’t always hear detailed stories accurately. The bottom line, it’s best to get things moving so you can begin asking questions and learning! And our goal is not to let cost be the reason you get behind especially faced with the expense today to play the game. We can help.

Ultimately, Simpson Scouting is an old-style network of putting capable players in front of college coaches who otherwise may never cross paths with that perfect prospect they never came to know was available. This continues to happen. A college recruiter’s job isn’t easy by the way! For families who go it alone, learning things over the years is costly and showcases aren’t so much truly showcases any longer. The sport is capitalizing on what you believe is a necessity. Don’t kill the messenger, please! You need to learn how to showcase and camp too; without stressing out the entire family through the years. What begins as fun times does become bumpy in time and advice and good help allows for a smoother ride.

The varying tools we provide give stellar athletes who need very little a portal to direct coaches too. One 1%’ers need an online profile too and free is a good place to start! It also helps build the pages as “the place to go for good players” vs. those paid services. Everyone wins! For players getting better as time goes on you still require the same exposure over time. Some of you also need to know if you’re college level or not yet. What level can you plan in or capable of? What should your target level be and what’s needed to improve? So, we’ll offer up the necessary metrics very early too. As time goes you’ll be “verified” as a potential collegiate athlete alongside ALL YOUR PLAYER INFORMATION. This puts you at the level necessary to be marketed by our team to coaches all over the country. It costs you nothing other than pooling together your ability with others who can also play. What a great resource for college coaches on a budget right?! How about an honest assessment with a designation indicating your play level as soon as you provide what we need to see online? personally, you should want to know if your player has the ability needed and if so at what level! No more databases where coaches can’t sort through good vs maybe not good enough yet. So, we’ll separate “verified” from “non-verified” and that helps coaches who visit our site find you too. It’s otherwise too time-consuming for coaches and of no value to anyone on recruiting sites offered today. And further, no longer will coaches looking at your profile be announced to you as having looked when in fact, they’re just sorting through a mass of paying prospects. That system is a bad one. With us, when a coach is contacted…they can trust that they might want to know more. That’s helpful!

Again the cost is $0 and for a one time fee of $100, you’ll be able to reach out to us for answers whenever you’d like. But, no charge is required at all if that works for you too. Remember, we need your GOOD players on our site too. It increases the coaching foot traffic! And yes, we’ll be driving them to take a look at what we have too. You’ll need to be in this group. And, we’ll remove you from the site at any time you request it too.

Our views are only based on what we’ve seen since 2004. Please recognize that the business of working with college coaches live and having seen how things happen on “this side” remains a covert operation where business, playing well and a positive contribution drives all decisions. If you’re going to do this… then connect yourself to every part of what’s ahead and together we, college coaches, players, and their families, will all arrive at what’s best for everyone. I guarantee you this and…’IT’S IMPORTANT! – Jim Simpson