More than anything it’s just great to go indoors alongside the families coming and going all in their own world of softball opportunity. They all have dreams and they all have uniquely qualified players who with the effort and support have those dreams to fill!

My day started with a lunch visit with CNU coaches on a pretty cold afternoon in Ashburn, VA! If you’ve not had one of the steak sandwiches offered by Copperwood Tavern you need to stop in for lunch yourselves too. Man, that was good. Additionally, there’s no better time spent than sharing what we’re attempting to do with athletes and why with coaches “in the mix” so to speak. We learn how “things” are progressing through the coming grad classes, what the new rules are doing to the process and from that make decisions on how to help your players target those coveted playing opportunities coming sooner than you think. In life, it’s best to ask the experts who live it day in and day out what might help. And yes, we talked about family, some coaching, our dogs, as well as our own wives and children.  We did consider how nice “One Loudoun” might be on a WARM summer day!  With sessions starting at 5pm and 7:30 we were off to the facility!

In the public, I always enjoy parents coming up and introducing themselves and as is typical I know the name but the faces are only somewhat familiar. Facebook is great for friends who can quietly agree or disagree but I almost always find that people like what we’re doing and why we’re doing it. That’s refreshing and rewarding for sure. Thank you for saying so.

So, we met several new families and talked to some we’ve talked to in the past as well. We talked to travel ball coaches who’ve read our posts and it’s refreshing to hear them comply. It’s just not easy out there attempting to be found over time; those with older daughters will tell you so. And, our discussions are always about that potential prospect of theirs and where she is in today’s playing world and what she should pursue next. No answer is ever the same either. Each of you have your own specifics and your own specific solution options. But, we’re here to help you to the extent you’d like to communicate what’s going on so we can be involved. We’re almost available 24/7 too! Call…someone will answer!

That said, a great day (out of the cold winds) with a ton of sporting dreamers all learning what they can. Just want to suggest that working with Simpson Scouting can cost you as little as $200 – $600 and on the highest end $1,295 or $1,595. These are one-time fees folks! We’re halving the price and still giving you people to speak too whenever you’d like! Yes, we’ll bring in your eighth grader and cover her till it’s time to go off to college. Nowhere will you get this much personal attention for so little but only so if you decide to pick up the phone, email, text or stop over at a tournament site. And don’t tell me all you have to do is email, email, email and email some more please! This is not our first go round yet if that’s what you advise, it’s clearly your first time.

Our greatest advice: keep her happy playing the game, working on things and growing in her love for what it takes academically and athletically. Don’t stress her out suggesting it’s time to write emails suggesting she hope for opportunity through her inbox. Know when she’s ready to seek coaches attention and don’t clog up their email inboxes with bad/novice correspondence from players who don’t yet know themselves where they should be looking.

The new rules are good because they provide you time. Some commit stress has been relieved for sure but, Sept. 1 of “her” junior year comes and everything is ratcheted up again with far less time to figure things out. If you’re waiting to figure out where she can succeed you’re not using her or your time wisely. Start early, learn over years of time and ask questions please. If you think we’re the same as other “recruiting services” then you’re just not asking questions and learning anything new about how real the process ahead of you is. I promise you we can help. Do yourselves a huge favor and PREPARE her for her September 1. You’ll wish you did even if you eventually say it all worked out great. We’ll say it might have been just a little bit better!

Thanks again for stopping by last night if you did! If you’ve not ventured out to SixFour3 yet…you need to get over there soon. They’re located at 44427 Atwater Dr #100, Ashburn, VA 20147. She’s gonna love it and the work’s gonna payoff for you one day! All the best! – Jim



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