As I continue to watch each day’s massive amount of “cut and paste” expertise I’d like to suggest something of much greater importance.

You’ll really serve your daughter and family much better if you’ll be honest and recognize that EVERYONE is blitzing the web with their players’ greatness or at least letting everyone know they too play the sport! Let’s face it, Facebook has become the place where parents of so-so players can post up theirs with a trophy, a camp picture and suddenly, they’re college-bound one day!

Is that doing anyone any good? If it’s motivational rhetoric and its comments or likes you’re seeking I guess it’s of some value although most of it’s coming from softball peeps who have zero college-level playing experience. It’s usually your teammates, your family and many more who don’t know the difference between what’s been fun vs. what’s really good. I don’t like trophies and I like it when the best is awarded. IMO, mixing the two together isn’t serving the playing community well. Hmmmm…and it’s the resource most choose for their information.

But, by following everyone’s lead you’ve all become a needle in a much larger haystack with varying exception to the true talents mixed in with the rest! But who can really tell the difference anymore? Well, it’s the smaller sample of true talent scouts who know and have seen these players play…that’s who.

Will using the latest “shared personal know-how or a do-it-yourself solution” from a softball page be your guide in a sport with its hand out at every turn! Would you use something that really worked? What if it saved you a ton of money? What if it were honest enough to NOT TAKE your player on? We do say “no” to those who just don’t show what they need to yet. We’ve even told players “no” and later brought them in AFTER they’ve shown improvement.

Let’s be honest, everyone knows that the greatest expense you have today is doing what you’re told from people who are in the middle of doing exactly the same as you! Thanks to your exorbitant spending and the sheer number of players, all with Pied Piper mentality, you’re a spending force with ambition that’s having you spend blindly on most weekends.

I see so many suggest that getting help to be found is a foolish expense. Stop there! It’s NOT if your daughter really can play! NCSA = $57 million last year, CaptainU approaching $20 million in ’18. Anyone else with multiple “scouts” selling to everyone they can find…be very wary…it’s dollar-driven. More employees mean higher fees too. Easy to check that out via the web! We know from experience.

So, my response to what’s foolish is what you do every weekend! The sport is taking your money and my advice is to find good local instruction, play round robins against good teams, pay the umpires at the plate and invite college coaches to attend! Local tourneys are great too! And, your leadership should be recruiting players like crazy to negate the watered-down effect and SHOW you’ve really got talent on your team! Have your daughters take advantage of more time to study…yes be smart…because it’s the saving grace as far as college dollars are concerned.

You should want to be differentiate your daughter from all the others who seek the same as you do right? Then, find the help that’s honest and deal with the truth being told. Being a college athlete isn’t easy and if mom and dad can’t handle the truth now they won’t handle it well later either. Learn now!

If you’re a good player from a sound family who recognizes you’re mostly being pilfered from the sport talk to us. In about six years (of softball), we’ve put more girls into college playing ball than any travel ball organization out there today.

We sent out info on a player last Friday to 57 total coaches. Twenty-seven coaches have responded. That’s more than you’ll likely get in four years. We’ll show you who, provide their address and tell you what to do next!

Understand also that today’s recruiting process is slow…it’s much slower-going these days people! We do know best. We see how quickly our D1 commits are being brought in today too. Thus, you’d better slow down, be better on the field, smarter in the classroom, work very hard and know you’re in good hands and trust the advice when it gets tough. It’s going to get tough…we promise.

ie: Just so you know…we only have three players committed (all D1) of 18 total players graduating in 2020. All eighteen will play in college UNLESS they choose not to do so. Girls do choose academics over sports today too and that’s just fine. All of them will have the opportunity to play. That’s what’s important about all of them. In the ’19 class 15 of 23 are committed, five chose not to play in college and three are finalizing their decisions. True recruiting means an honest representation of players we’re working with. Let’s not forget that girls are allowed to change their minds about playing ball in college and we COMMEND those who commit to studying. Those girls are STUDS too!

Give us a shout if you want an honest solution that costs you less than one travel weekend.