Coming soon to this webpage. Email addresses for D1’s, 2’s, 3’s, NAIA’s and Juco’s. What were giving players is only what’s needed…not just attempting to sell you our higher-level packages. I know that these girls are very, very busy attempting to do all they can and in many specific cases it’s more about providing them resources to save them time enabling them to put their personal information out.

BioTrak+, not yet available will do that. Additionally, folks who need more help can always choose personal solutions too. We warm up your emailing with accurate pitches to the correct levels based on your ability thus far. We’re not trying to be the reason you get to play in college at all. Just making certain that we provide real solutions to help players get more done, more efficiently. Stay tuned as the development and tools are rolled out!

All current BioTrak prospects (and all other members no matter their package level) will be able to take advantage of the soon to be released email option without having to pay the $50 more BioTrak+ will cost. Call if you’d like to learn why information and the ability to quickly provide it puts you more quickly in front of programs. All the best! Good luck to everyone! – Jim Simpson


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