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Simpson Scouting is 1v1 recruiting representation for HS athletes. We provide playing options based on academics and ability. There are four total packages, COLLEGETRAK, ONTRAK, JR/SRTRAK and BIOTRAK where you can elect to be a full member of the site. COLLEGETRAK AND ONTRAK are products used for families who just don’t have the time necessary to learn enough about how things work. If you are a 2nd semester high school junior or senior and you need late help you can elect to join the JR/SRTRAK package. BIOTRAK is open enrollment for all and you’ll be provided a profile for viewing by all coaches who use our site or are directed by you to your players page. All fees are a one-time fee except for BIOTRAK which is a yearly fee that can be cancelled anytime. Go to the services tab for a quick listing of the programs costs. Its use is generally there for athletes who simply need a portal site on the web where they can direct college coaches to view their players’ profile. You can upload video and pictures at your leisure and enjoy full page functionality included in the package. All services are OPEN enrollment with verification that comes after your player has been evaluated.

Call or email to discuss any of the services indicated above. Find our contact information below or use the “Get In Touch” box in the lower right side of this page.

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540-878-5334 (Office)

202-494-7917 (Cell/Text)

Warrenton, VA, 20187 United States

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