Ran into the same question three times yesterday from non-clients attempting to reach college coaches about or on behalf of their daughters. Everyone respects players and families who do their best to make contact and communicate along the path to playing in college one day. Just understand that coaches REALLY do receive 200 to 500 emails a week (depending on the program) and it’s worth knowing what’s going on behind that effort of yours. The frustration will mount.

Travel-ball connections are where many coaches learn about players over time. So write wisely, and spend more time understanding where you have a shot to truly study AND play one day. Finding what works isn’t easy and there’s plenty that you won’t ever know as you work through things. Recognizing you don’t know what you don’t know is a real phenomenon.

Contacting the right coaches is key to what we do. It gets things moving and lessens that frustration level. If you don’t think that makes sense than you’re just not doing enough anyway. Otherwise, you’d whole-heartedly agree.

If you’re struggling or frustrated and not seeing or gathering results than find something other than commonplace street advice suggesting that’s all you need to do. Fifteen years ago, I just didn’t trust what I was told. We went through the same journey that you’re involved in today too. We’re passing on personal resource and advice and the cost is minuscule compared to what you’re probably doing now. Done right, this takes time but it works. A one-time fee where payments are manageable.

For everyone’s sake talk too someone who can connect you if you honestly need the help. And, if you can’t play at Alabama, camp experience aside, it’s not time to send anything to the SEC yet.  We’ll do our level best to accurately put you out there at the right time.

Learn something, save camp dollars, focus on what will work for yours and be as relaxed as you can as you continue on. Just work and study hard to get there. Educate yourself as soon as you can because this process isn’t entirely fun! Fifteen years has taught us a little something. – Contact: Office: 540-878-5334 Text: 202-494-7917

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