If you’d like to play in college one day here are some bullet-points that I’ll guarantee as correct when you look back at things.

  • Understand your level today and know what your metrics (academically/athletically) will need to be as you approach your junior year
  • LEARN something (parents) about this process when she’s a high school freshman
  • Find a way to market yourself that works. That means if you’re contacting coaches but aren’t hearing anything in return, you need to know why. That would be helpful.
  • Camping, playing, practicing and working towards your goals must continue. Your metric(s) early-on have a lot to do with “how much” time, energy and money this venture will demand from you and your family
  • How far must you really go to be found or considered?
  • Your situation is uniquely yours, do what’s good for “her”, not what others “say” is required – it’s the #1 mistake going.
  • Recognize that everyone wants a piece of your wallet too, spend wisely. You can’t buy success so proceed appropriately.
  • Understand that naysayers who suggest this is a do-it-yourself process speak very generally suggesting “services” are ripping you off. For the most part, I’d agree by the way.
  • We’re 1v1 and it takes your cooperation and time. Today’s ‘20s are quickly finding out that settling on a college Sept. 2nd isn’t happening for so many juniors yet.
  • The process has now been pushed out meaning your senior HS year has a lot more to do with your options than ever before
  • Many more seniors are committing. That may seem late but it’s best for you and the program you choose. It’s part of the “new stress”. Welcome to the domino effect.
  • If you believe you MUST know where she’ll go to school beginning senior year…you’re adding more stress to the process. Are you prepared for that?
  • So, are you really willing to wait and do what it takes? Do you really want to play? If so, treasure this time and continue working.
  • Recognize that former coaches and players know the game but often don’t know, have or can afford to take the time to help you do “what they say will work”. It’s still going to be your daughter and to a great extent experimental for many.
  • Everyone needs help too. All will suggest that’s true.
  • BioTrak with personal help is available for $200, with a la carte needs to choose from. Do only what you need.
  • Full-service with OnTrak at $1,295 (one-time ONLY charge). Personal with video (depends on location). Over HALF what other non-personal services cost these days
  • Don’t be swindled by a “value costs more argument” because you’re getting far less, impersonal and for way more of your hard-earned dollars.


Find out something in 2019. It’ll change the way you see things going forward. – Jim Office: 540-878-5334, text: 202-494-7917


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