Individual Services

At Simpsons Scouting, we provide “a la carte” options for those athletes who want to generally go about doing things to keep their costs down. It allows families to gain critical knowledge using our years of connections to collegiate programs if they wish to. The purpose is to put your player out there while using inexpensive pieces of our process to help you do what’s needed. It’s our attempt to keep exposure costs down without the typical costs you’ll find on the net for full-time consulting. We agree that many prospects CAN be recruited on their own as long as they have a great understanding of the time and effort it will take and the stress it brings. Relieve that stress by starting early, learning who your player is, and then make moves based on the information you’re gathering. You begin early to learn the process NOT TO seek a commitment! College athletics is a business, you too should have a plan to make your players’ business run smoothly. See below and contact us for a better explanation and contact us if you have questions.

  • UniTrak – Our FREE SERVICE for the life of your prospect with an ideal two-fold purpose in mind. Firstly, to gather the best players nationally, add them to our pages, and provide a listing of lots of really good/talented ballplayers directly to college coaches. High-priced recruiting services ARE a rip-off, but good information is valuable. We’re simply identifying players and passing their info on to coaches in need of talent. They can contact you directly as they choose to do so. Help us grow this resource with a true vision of what EVERYONE needs.
  • CoachTrak – Our national softball email database. You should be writing coaches directly. Takes time but it’s time well-spent! $5 (one-time ONLY)
  • ProfileTrak – your do-it-yourself personal portal with all the bells and whistles. Individually priced at $100. Yes, it’s a one-time fee and provides specific consulting for your player! Just email or call and we’ll chat about anything that’s on your mind.
  • Personalized Email Campaigns Priced at $200, we’ll create it and send it with follow-up reports in approximately 2 days. You’ll receive an open report, with contact information from the list of programs that’ve reviewed your campaign. We’ll advise on the next steps! If you DO NOT HAVE D1 potential then our campaigns for you WILL NOT GO TO D1’s! And if you are NOT VERIFIED you cannot take advantage of a personalized email campaign. Call to Discuss. Office: 540-878-5334 Cell/Text: 202-494-7917 $200 
  • VideoTrak – video service for $150 each, but you must have a minimum of two additional paying players per shoot. One to three players is $150 and for individual players, it’s $200. This is only available within a 150-mile radius of the home office in Warrenton, Virginia. Call to discuss if outside of the area. All video services are ONLY AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST.
  • Team ProfileTrak plan*Must Call 540-878-5334 to Discuss Payment* – up to 14 players at $90 each, minimum of 7. Every team should be using this for their players who truly desire to play in college. If you leave the team, the plan and costs follow you throughout. Have your team join and know that once verified by our staff, coaches will be reviewing our pages and looking for your verified student-athletes.
  • CollegeTrak – Priced at $450, CollegeTrak is a full-service offering intended for local players in the DMV (Washington, Maryland, and Virginia playing market). We will also offer it to others who live up to 100 miles from our HQ in Warrenton, VA. The CollegeTrak service combines UniTrak, ProfileTrak, and our Personal Email Campaigns! CollegeTrak is the highest level of full-service consulting and allows you to purchase all you need with one payment. It includes a one-time video shot by Simpson Scouting personnel and all the consulting advice you’ll ever need to have you noticed!
  • More services to be added as “a la carte” as your requests are considered and implemented if determined of value to the playing community. Let us know!
  • To register for any of these services please go to our SERVICES page and/or call us to discuss! Office: 540-878-5334 Cell/Text: 202-494-7917