On-Time Personalized Email Campaigns -
(For Verified Prospects Only)

Welcome to Simpson Scouting and our a la carte personal email campaigns! Are you interested in a little help having an advocate help you connect with programs that fit you? Once you’re a ProfileTrak member ($100) and your profile is up to date and “verified”, we’ll quickly construct and get your individual campaign out. For $200 we’ll send it, monitor it, and respond to you with results and next steps. 

It’s the quickest way to KNOW who’s looking and to be put in touch with them two days later! It warms up your follow-up and we’ll also communicate with interested parties on your behalf. If you’re struggling with getting enough emails out, this service helps fix being behind. We’re here to help and we’ll resend additional campaigns once you’ve improved and added in new and relevant information to show so. 

Most players are at their unique best by the time they hit their junior and senior years in high school. We know that’s so; the new rules say so too and we want you to be able to jump into the process and to be considered at a very reasonable cost. This add-on program is for family’s that are just too busy to get something out or have fallen behind.

For recruits, timeliness is very important and follow-up to those who SEE your player is of critical importance! We’ll get your name into the prospect market and then will personally advise and help you with those potentially interested programs. This happens fast and is best used when you’re ready to be seen.

The new rules that exist in D1 today are having a much greater impact and can be especially stressing those last couple HS years. It’s a good thing, just use the time wisely. Without our help, you’re on your own and up against many others seeking your roster spot!

It gets complicated and there are specifics you’ll need to know about. We can help if you’d like but it’s not a requirement to be included in our monthly verified player campaigns being sent to coaches everywhere.

It’s just personal help from start to finish in what today is a very condensed time period. Think about it and call for more information. Office: 540-878-5334, Cell: 202-494-7917

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