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Becca Boone 2019

5 ft 3 in
150 lbs
Catcher, 1st Base
James Wood High School
Eastern Mennonite University
Loudoun Storm Cole/Daughtry 18u

Personal Performance Statistics:

Freshman 2016~AB-36, H-13, Singles-12, Doubles-1, BB-11, K-7, RBI-9, BA-.361
Fall Travel 2016~GP-34, AB-67, H-22, Singles-18, Doubles-4, BB-12, K-4, RBI-15, BA-.328, OBP-.439
Sophomore 2017~AB-47, H-19, Singles-15, Doubles- 2, Triples- 1, HR-1, BB-5, K-5, RBI-12, Runs-16, BA-.404, OBP-.500
Summer Travel 2017~AB-58, H-28, Singles-20, Doubles-8, BB-5, K-0, RBI-3, Runs-10, BA-.482, OBP-.568
Fall Travel 2017~AB-67, H-26, Singles-19, Doubles-6, Triples-1, BB-8, K-2, BA-.388, OBP-.537
Junior 2018~ AB-67, H-27, Singles-19, Doubles-9, HR-1, BB-15, K-7 , RBI-21, Runs-23, BA-.403, OBP-.642

Achievements and Honors:

SAT 1090
ACT ( scheduled test date December 7,2018)

Outstanding Student Award for Physical Education 2015
All-Academic Award VHSL Northwestern District 2016
Varsity Softball Starter as a freshman in 2016
Lettered in Softball as freshman 2016

Lettered as a Sophomore – 2017
All-Academic Award VHSL Northwestern District (3.5 or higher) 2017
All Conference 21 4A Second team (first base) 2017
Blue and Gold Award for core character traits 2017
All-Area Second team 2017
National Honor Society 2017
Lettered as a Junior – 2018
All-Academic Award VHSL Northwestern District (3.5 or higher) 2018
Northwestern District Second team (first base) 2018
All Area Second team (first base) 2017-2018

Message to Coach:

My name is Rebecca Boone and I’ve been playing softball for 10 years now and plan on continuing on up through the college level. I learned the basics young and have been perfecting my game ever since. I have been lucky to have coaches throughout my journey that were willing to give corrective criticism as well as positivity each and every game, but all of this would not have been possible without the support from my parents. Having my dad as a coach at a young age helped me develop key traits to allow me to perform to the best of my ability and those carried over to travel and now high school softball. I got the amazing opportunity to help my team out as a varsity starter my freshman year at first base and got to grow as a player and teammate. Being together all the time gave the saying “softball family” a whole new meaning. Having those upperclassmen role models gave me a new outlook on how my love for the game could grow even more. Knowing that now I am one of those role models (now a junior) it shifts my job as a player from not just improving personally, but as a helpful teammate. Along with first base my main position through travel is catching. Having that leader mentality helps me on and off the field, but having an open mind to increase skills at other positions is another thing that makes me the person I am. In seeing the competitiveness at its finest is the what makes me want to increase my skill level as well as continuing my journey beyond high school. My dream has been to play at the college level and to showcase my ability as well as my heart and dedication. For me softball is more than a game, it teaches you life lessons in disguise, from the friendships and having to change teams to better your own game. That is how you find strengths you didn’t even know you had. Thanks for taking the time to read my letter and for everything that you offer at the college softball level.

NCAA Eligibility#:


NAIA Eligibility#:


Upcoming Tournaments:

  • Sept. 8 – 9 USA/ASA A State Championship Loudoun County, VA

    Sept. 15 – 16 Heartland Showcase Roanoke, VA (Cancelled)

    Sept. 29 – 30 Softball Factory Eastern Showcase Richmond, VA

    Oct 13-14 USA/ASA Gold Qualifier Watkins Park Upper Marlboro MD

    Oct. 21 – 22 Legendary Showcase Showdown Virginia Beach, VA

    November 3 – 4 East Coast College Showcase Loudoun County, VA