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Arianna Prymak 2021

5 ft 5 in
130 lbs
Left Handed Pitcher, 1st Base, Outfield, Pitcher
Woodbridge Senior High School
Randolph-Macon College
Virginia Glory Knapp/Matice

Personal Performance Statistics:

Lifetime batting average(gloryknapp 4.5 years) .535.
Fall 2018 .344 High school spring 2018 .491
Era fall 2018 2.87

Fastball 58-60 mph
Curveball 56 mph
Knuckleball/changeup 37-42 mph
Dropball 58 mph
Riseball 56 mph
Exit Velo 74 mph

Home-First running time 2.63 seconds
Home-Home 12.27

Achievements and Honors:

First Team All District Utility Player
High Schools Most Valuable Player
Second Team All District Pitcher
First Team All Conference Utility Player

Message to Coach:

My name is Arianna and my goal from day one has been to play college softball.

I am a hard working, driven player. I play the cello in my schools’ orchestra and play the piano at home. Music is another important thing in my life. I have chosen to juggle softball, music, and school in my life.

I made the varsity softball team as a freshman and started every game. I was the starting pitcher and leadoff batter. I have been consistently in the top three in the line up because of my consistently high on-base percentage and high batting average. I started pitching around the age of 8 because I realized that with me being a lefty I didn’t have many choices in positions. I’ve been pitching since then and have been improving my speed. I have always been consistent in accuracy but didn’t have a lot of speed. I have really difficult to hit junk pitches. I have been working extremely hard to gain more speed.
I love working out and being strong and hope I can find a program that fits me best. I am a natural leader and love helping other people succeed. I am willing to listen and improve in any way that will help my game.
Thank you! I hope to connect and talk to you soon!

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