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Jason Avallone 2021

6 ft 2 in
190 lbs
RHPitcher, First
Brentsville District High School
Canes Mid Atlantic upper class 18U

Personal Performance Statistics:


Achievements and Honors:


Message to Coach:


NCAA Eligibility#:

NCAA ID #1901383728

NAIA Eligibility#:

ECID# 751058

Upcoming Tournaments:

  • Date        Event         Venue                Location

    9/12-13   Dynamic  Legacy Park     Ruther Glen

    9/26-27  Dynamic  Legacy Park     Ruther  Glen

    10/11-12  Dynamic  Legacy Park    Ruther  Glen

    10/17-17 Dynamic    Liberty         Lynchburg, Va

    10/24-25  Dynamic  Legacy Park   Ruther  Glen

    10/31-11/1 Rising Stars Granville Park Oxford,