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Meredith Wayland 2022

5 ft 10 in
140 lbs
Fauquier High School
Team VA Mizuno Harrington 18u

Personal Performance Statistics:

Home to 1st- 2.9
Overhand Velo- 63 MPH
Freshman High School Season Stats- .324 BA, 17 SB, 14 BB

Achievements and Honors:

Fauquier High School Varsity
Freshman Year- Northwestern Second Team All-District Outfield

4.0 Honor Roll- 9,10,11
National Honor Society Member, DECA member, Student Council Organization

Message to Coach:

My name is Meredith Wayland and I am looking to play softball at a college level in a competitive environment that is also a great fit for me academically.
I’m a very competitive player and that can be seen by work ethic outside of team practices. I’m hitting, throwing, and lifting at least four times a week. I pride myself in my attention to detail in all aspects of the game. Typically, I hit towards the beginning of the line-up due to my consistency to get on base and my ability to run the bases. In the outfield, I’m constantly communicating with my teammates in order to keep everyone engaged and ready for whatever play may come next.
Academics are also something that are extremely important to me. I’ve challenged myself throughout high school to take multiple honors and AP classes each year. I also keep myself active in extracurricular activities including DECA, Student Council Organization, volleyball, and National Honor Society. My heavy academic load in addition to playing sports has greatly improved my time management skills. I’m looking to find a school that will fulfill my academic needs, as well as my athletic ones.
Thank you for taking the time to read my message!

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