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Sophia Wiggins 2024

5 ft 9 in
130 lbs
Outfield, 2nd Base
Loudoun County High School
Loudoun Inferno


Personal Performance Statistics:

55 mph overhand
65 mph exit velocity
3.15 20 yd

Achievements and Honors:

1st out of park HR 3/20/21 at age 15

Message to Coach:


NCAA Eligibility#:


NAIA Eligibility#:


Upcoming Tournaments:

Key Player Metrics:

The metrics (and video) below were collected during a 15-minute “Certified Player Assessment (CPA)” at a SixFour3 facility ( These sessions are coordinated, monitored and verified by a SixFour3 representative, using technologies such as HitTrax, Blast Motion, Pocket Radar and other devices to capture that data outlined below. Additional data points can be made available upon request through Simpson Scouting.

Average Exit Velocity (HitTrax): 52.1
Max Exit Velocity (HitTrax): 58.3
Average Launch Angle (HitTrax): 20.7
Average Distance (HitTrax): 99.4
Max Distance (HitTrax): 133
Plane Score (Blast – Average): 62
Connection Score (Blast – Average): 50
Rotation Score (Blast – Average): 43
Rotational Acceleration (Blast – Average): 9
Bat Speed (Blast – Average): 47.3