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Nick Leckert 2022

5 ft 11 in
175 lbs
3rd, 2nd, First
Patriot High School
Nova Elite

Personal Performance Statistics:

EV-90 by PBR (Nov 6, 2020)
Inf velo-80 by PBR (Nov 6, 2020)
60 yd dash-7.04 by PBR (Nov 6, 2020)

Achievements and Honors:

Freshman mid-season call-up to Varsity.
Stayed with Varsity the rest of the Year.
Started 2 varsity games as a Freshman.
JV MVP (Freshman year)
Sophomore Varsity.
played 2 games until Covid 19.
Lettered as a Sophomore.
State Ranked #221 for class of 2022 by PBR.
State Ranked #11 for 3B for class of 2022 by PBR.

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