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Sydney Donaldson 2019

5 ft 3 in
125 lbs
Centreville High School
Stars National Select

Personal Performance Statistics:

2017 Summer Travel BA .250 OBP .294 RBI 12
2017 Fall Travel BA .288 OBP .358 SB 6
2018 Summer Travel BA .185 OBP .241 RBI 10 Runs 17

Achievements and Honors:

3 year Varsity Letter awarded
3 year Varsity starter
3 year Scholar Athlete Award
2016 District Runner-up team
2017 District Champions
2017 Defensive Player Of The Year
2017, 2018 2nd Team All District

Message to Coach:

My name is Sydney Donaldson. I have been playing competitive travel softball for 8 years. I love the game because of the competitiveness and the friendships between teammates. As I continue playing my love for the game grows. I moved from Canada to the United States in 2012 and softball was the sport that kept me engaged and made the transition very easy. Playing softball in another country has given me a place no matter where i am to call home. Softball has helped me in life by giving me problem solving skills. Learning how to fix my swing or techniques in the field has been a challenge but has taught me how to overcome set backs by myself.The softball field is accompanied with many of my high and low moments, however it the place where i am happiest and most excited. It is my biggest dream to play at the next level in college and continue to grow as a student, athlete, and person.

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