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Ivy Rosenberry 2020

5 ft 9 in
160 lbs
Outfield, Right Handed Pitcher
James Wood High School
Virginia Tech
Tri-State Thunder GOLD

Personal Performance Statistics:

2017 FloSoftball 2020 Hot 100 Ranking 91
35 Homeruns in 2016/2017/2018 Season
66 mph on Pocket Radar
3.1 Home to First
87 mph ball exit speed

Achievements and Honors:

VHSL All Academic Award 2017 and 2018
2017 Led NW District with a .542 Batting Avg as a Freshman
2017 NW District All Conf First Team as a Freshman
2018 NW District All Conf First & Second Team as a Sophomore
2018 Region 4C First Team as a Sophomore
2018 Set JWHS Season Record-Most Doubles with 10
2018 Set JWHS Season Record-Most Saves with 4
2018 Received JWHS Batting Award with .455 Batting Avg

Message to Coach:

“I’ve made tremendous strides over the past six months, have touched 66 on the gun with a 64 last weekend at the Virginia Tech Prospect Camp. As a 2020 (junior now) and very young for my grade (11/13/2002) I believe I can be a very, very good addition to your team. I’m not just a pitcher/OF either. I can hit and have 35 home runs in the past two seasons and my ball exit speed was measured at 87 mph last spring at the Coastal Carolina camp.
A lot has happened over the last year and I’ve realized that I needed to rethink my formerly committed status. I will be 16 in November and I’m still learning as I navigate this recruiting process. I’m happy to say that I’m physically rested, mentally prepared and excited to be on a pace that feels much more controlled now. I hope you’ll consider me for your ’20 class! Thanks! – Ivy

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