So you think you have the Pop-stats needed for Power5? What are your Pop-Stats? Here’s a big-time D1 request taken from U of Oregon and a related post I did in 2015.

“We’re only looking for 2019s, maybe one 2018 if we have an opening.” Back then (2015) that meant they were looking for 14 and 15 y/olds. Yes, the timeline has changed but the “pop stats” have not.

A particular prospect at the Boston Jerrad Hardin camp was curious as to the stats this particular college program looked for, so she asked the program’s coach. Following is a summary of the conversation:

“What’s your BA”? The player said .413. His response, “all our players were .400+ in HS and travel ball, I’m looking for other stats to pop up at me, such as hitting 30 HRs“. What’s your pop stat? Her response, 30 runs scored in 36 games”. “That’s a good one”. What’s your pop stat and if you can’t match this type of stat where will you truly be able to succeed?

The lesson here is: understand the true level that power five D1 ball is and what’s necessary to make it there. Then be realistic in your process and focus on being better or going about the best way to have your education paid for.

Keep in mind that this particular school was a top tier power five, D1 program. Start early and find a mentor for your player because being seen early gives us great insight into what looks for your player to be possible! We’ve done this a long time and you can join our page for free (with UNITRAK), where you’ll be verified, and marketed too.  And for ONLY $100 more you’ll receive lifetime support and advice by phone, email, or text if you so choose.