ProfileTrak – (Our live discussions service)

Welcome to the “new” Simpson Scouting and ProfileTrak! ProfileTrak is a $100 offering that provides your player with a complete portal for their player information along with unlimited discussions with our staff as needed.

 It’s a ONE-TIME CHARGE and ANY PLAYER can enroll in ProfileTrak and use the page as their personal player information site. You can add video, pictures, message to coaches, your upcoming tournaments, stats and more. Once enrolled in ProfileTrak you’ll have two weeks to add your profile picture or be removed from public view. It is mandatory to complete the basic requirements necessary! Further details available if needed.

The purpose of ProfileTrak was to provide a fully-functional site on the net for coaches in your sport to review who you are! You can add your players info and with video you’d provide can further request to be verified (by our office) as a player showing the ability and athleticism to play at a collegiate level.

A “verified” level of play badge will then be posted to the upper right of your profile picture. NOT ALL players will achieve “verified” status initially with ProfileTrak as it’s based on seeing you play via the video you provide or in person AFTER you’ve joined. Once verified as a potential prospect you’ll be in our searchable database as a player with noted, visible, credentials required to play at the next level.

Once you’ve joined, we’ll advise you personally to help you do what’s necessary to BE NOTICED!  That means we welcome your CALLS FOR HELP! Your site with ProfileTrak is fully functional after we’ve verified WHO you are and where you’re playing! The goal is to be included in our database of “verified” players and coaches know that we’re only suggesting these players as playing criteria is clearly up to them!

We have no responsibility to secure you a playing destination and that certifies our place as true recruiters simply helping coaches locate good prospects. We’re here to offer full-time help and we hope you’re ready to consider our best advice on what to do next!

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