Individual Services

At Simpsons Scouting we also provide “a la carte” options for those athletes who want to generally go about doing things on their own but would gain some critical knowledge using some of what we do for our athletes. The purpose is to put your player out there while using pieces of our process to help you do so. It’s our attempt to keep your costs down minus the full-consulting which advises you in a far more complete manner. We agree that many CAN do this on their own as long as they have a great understanding of the time and effort it will take and the stress it brings. Relieve that stress by starting early, learning who your player is and then making moves based on the information you’re gathering. You begin early to learn the process NOT TO seek a commitment! Arm and arm on campus with head coaches doesn’t really mean anything other than you took a cool picture. This is a business, so have a business plan to make your business work. See below and contact us for a better explanation or if you have questions.

  • BioTrak – your do-it-yourself personal portal with all the bells and whistles. Individually priced at $200 first year, $100 each successive year. Cancel at any time.
  • One-time personal email campaign. Two weeks of exposure with follow-up reports on day 4, day 7 and ending on day 14. You’ll receive an open report, email address from the top ten programs looking at you and advice on what to do next! If you DO NOT HAVE D1 potential than it WILL NOT GO TO D1’s! And if you are NOT VERIFIED you cannot use one of these campaigns. Call to Discuss. $250 
  • Video services for $150 each, but you must have a minimum of four paying players per shoot. One to three players is $175 and for individual players $400. At present this is only available within a 250 mile radius of the home office in Warrenton, Virginia. Call to discuss if “outside of the area”.
  • Team BioTrak plan – up to 14 players at $180 each, minimum of 7. Every team should be using this for their players who truly desire to play in college. If you leave the team, the plan and costs follow you throughout. $90 per player for each successive year you’re on-board.
  • More services to be added as “a la carte” as your requests are considered and implemented if determined of value. Let us know!