Recruiting is not a one-size-fits-all commodity.

Are you a great grades kid, a big-time stat producer (10+ home runs in a HS season), a sub 2.6 H to 1st, or a 1.8 or below pop time as a 2021 or a 2024 kid? What are you working on?All this has a great deal on where you’ll end up and what you should know about the different divisions moving forward. How is it that your being recruited is anything like someone else’s recruiting journey – you’re a completely different player, with different financial resources, a different intended major, different HS GPA, different positions, different hitter, different exposure and expense for that exposure, a desire to play close to home or not and the list goes on and on.

Your player will also fall into their recruiting class at different times and you need to know where that is so to manage the decisions you’re making. Let’s be clear as you enter yet ANOTHER travel season (although abnormal to say the least) you must be doing something to gain opportunity. Make things better as soon as you can.

So, are you communicating with college coaches? If not, you are not being recruited. Quickly let us take a look. Work to get the video to watch yourself, then improve upon what you see! We’re here to help you with mentoring and advice with 17+ years of players’ stories, successes, and blunders! Yes, not everyone listens and life lessons are still being had despite tougher than all would like them to be.

We are NOT saying that you cannot get to college by yourself because anyone who suggests that isn’t being honest. The greater issue is whether or not the cost of doing so has become really expensive and when finished will you have spent far too much? Or perhaps, you’re better than what your exposure has gotten you? Are you over-reaching or looking realistically? Simply put, know where you’re headed and move on it so you’re ready.

I’ve known over time plenty of players whose families were more than a little upset with a kid in the starting line-up but a college expense that was also the highest on the team. I’ve also known plenty of transfer student/athletes.

So…it’s not just about being found. It’s about preparation and the real motivation with an understanding that gets you doing what you need to be doing.

Gain some direction. We’re helping you bank and better direct some of those prep expenditures now. These days everyone needs a break right! Check it out.