UniTrak FREE WEBSITE OFFERING - (all prospects must join here before adding additional services)

Welcome to Simpson Scouting and UniTrak! UniTrak is a FREE web service portal available to everyone who’d like to play in college. You have full access to your personal bio page without the live consulting option that ProfileTrak offers. It’s a recruiting package designed so that OUR BEST (and those verified) players ONLY can be marketed nationwide en mass simply by joining.

It’s our representation of the best high school prospects and members of our service who are still uncommitted and looking for exposure. Why? Because our goal is to provide MORE players to programs all across the country. It’s straight forward, objective information about your player.

UniTrak allows you to achieve a “verified” status and that means you’ll turn up in searches as verified college prospects ONLY as listed in our database. We’re separating you from the massive numbers of players also seeking to be found nationally.
It’s just smart and coaches nationally need a trusted resource to help them find players they can count on through our true verification process.

Remember, that coaches cannot be at your events everywhere. Everyone wins as, coaches gain needed info they can use as they choose.

To be verified you must be evaluated in the field or through some form of video sufficient to allow a good decision to be made by our staff on your behalf. Verification consists of a selected group of players consisting of 9th grader’s and older. It’s a tremendous asset to be included in this group as our list of verified players will receive frequent attention by college coaches.

Others services simply, take charge you hard-earned dollars and still group you in with everyone else! That’s needle-in-the-haystack mentality and if you’re trying to stand out, this will help you.

We’re also being held accountable for each player we’ve approved and that’s helpful for college coaches and our service! Good video you provide will provide our staff along with college coaches an adequate source of skill necessary to get your foot in “their” collegiate playing door.

All of your information is stored together (on your page that you monitor yourself) and can be used as a collective resource while emailing or texting campaigns. Further, Simpson Scouting WILL NOT send out national campaigns to programs you’d wish to play for UNLESS you actually HAVE THE TALENT to HELP AT THEIR LEVEL! On your own you can always use your bio link to email whomever you’d like on your own!

If you’d like full-time advice all along the way and aren’t comfortable doing all of this yourself, you’re probably more interested in our $100 ProfileTrak seen up top and to the right of this post.
UniTrak is the ONLY service nationally advising college coaches on players that in most cases they will never otherwise see play!

On our pages, whether you’re a 7th grader or a high school senior, the cost is the same. We’ll be notified of your intent to join and will keep your page public AFTER you’ve added a current picture and provided a video!

Call for details to discuss prior to joining if you’d like. We can be reached at 540-878-5334. Get onboard this college train and be marketed for just the time it takes you to add details about your player. There’s no better deal out there!

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