VideoTrak One-time Video Purchase - (For Local Prospects Only)

VideoTrak is a one-time purchase for video shooting and editing purposes. It’s the add-on you need to on-line streaming and combines a full sequence of reps that provide a much better idea to college coaches of your ability. Coaches don’t like All-American attempts of collected video over three days of tournament play, showing the good reps only! They need close-up reps executed as same day, same time examples of YOUR ability!

The requirement to have us over to do a video shoot are a minimum of three paying players (total) along with the responsibility of providing someone to pitch front toss, hit fungos to infielders and outfielders and to pair pitchers with catchers when one or both show to have a video completed.  

You know your area better than we do and video shoots aren’t easy to arrange. If you’re local (and need a couple players) we’ll attempt to pair you up with others and finding a field will serve everyone well while keeping you from driving too! Bottom line is: plan it and we’ll come to you along with any others who are local enough and will make the drive to join in.

Your video will be edited and sent back via a YouTube shared link and the same video will be a part of our video player database. It’s the simplest way to move large video files from one place to another while taking advantage of the FREE YouTube video service.

Call to discuss – 540-878-5334

$150.00 (VideoTrak)

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Amount: $150.00

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