I’d say that 20% of all the family’s/players I meet with know what they’d like to major in. Even so, 20% still may change their majors one day. So, thought I’d post a little something on majors and athletes. After all, this seriously affects where you’ll play and it seriously limits your choices, doesn’t it? You want to be a nurse, school principal, computer scientist, engineer, vet, dentist, doctor, or a starting shortstop? Now, you’ll just need to find the college softball program that will provide you this opportunity AND begin looking early. This is really about the school, after all, so you’d be well-advised to open yourself up to the many, many schools out there. Seek the opportunities available to you in your grad year who can offer you the best of both worlds…a team to play on and your chosen degree in the end.

Here is what we see out here in the playing public…

  1. The chance that a high school athlete truly knows their chosen college major is pretty slim.
  2. Determining a college based on a particular major ONLY makes sense if the athlete KNOWS that is their chosen field of study and they are absolutely sure that it will NOT change.
  3. High school athletes need to know it is “OK” if they don’t know what they want to major in or if they are confused about it. Most college students are.
  4. If an athlete thinks they want to get a masters or doctorate in a field that requires acceptance into a program that is very competitive (e.g., physical therapy, physician’s assistant, nursing school, medical school, dental school, veterinary school), NOTHING sets them apart like being a collegiate athlete. Members of collegiate medical boards tell us that virtually all the applicants they look at have excellent grades and standardized entrance exam scores. What they find themselves looking for are the extra-curricular activities. What did the student do in their free time? These boards love collegiate athletes because they have proven their ability of mastering time management, being coachable, working on a team, and struggling through difficulties. These are the characteristics that help these boards find students that they can predict will be successful in their program.

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